Weekly Update: “Time To Fly”

July 28, 2021


Dear Rock Family,

  • Pastor Dan Yeackley is back with us TONIGHT – Wednesday (7/28) at our 6:45pm service in the sanctuary!
  •  This Sunday after the service, let’s plan to go out to minister and share the amazing love of Jesus with the lost.
  •  Baptisms are a week from this Sunday (8/8)!  If you would like to be baptized, please contact us at Family@TheRock.org.

It is time to fly!  There is a period of time for a baby bird to remain in the nest and be protected from the elements and predators as it is fed by its parents and strengthened as it hops around the nest and flaps its wings in preparation for flight.  However, it isn’t long before those baby birds leave the nest.    A baby bird doesn’t have the opportunity to “learn” to fly before it leaves the nest.  It is a leap of faith when it first leaps out from the nest and spreads its wings to fly.  There is a basic instinct that birds are born with to fly, but they also watch their parents take flight time and time again before they take flight.  Likewise, we are created to carry the Spirit of God.  With the Holy Spirit within us, it is our nature and character to be like our Father.  When we look to Him with unveiled faces (having spiritual eyesight), we become like Him as the Holy Spirit transforms us into the likeness of Jesus with an ever-increasing glory-grace that comes from the Father. (2 Cor 3:18; 5:7)   This is our faith-walk…this is taking flight!

I believe it is time for many of us to ‘take flight’…to step out in Faith as the Spirit leads us and get out of our comfort zone…our ‘nest’.  The Lord is raising up an ARMY in this era whose strength will be in and of the Lord, who will endure all things, who will become spiritually strong through their perseverance, who will have the faith to move mountains, who will tear down the strongholds of this world, who will remove the idols of this age, who will declare the Glory of God, who will operate in signs and miracles, and who will love all with the love of Jesus.

This is a new generation of people who will surrender all they have to fully follow Jesus.  They will not walk by sight, but by faith in the Almighty God and in the power of the Holy Spirit.  They will walk in holiness and be clothed in righteousness…they will put their faith in the Lord, have their strength renewed, and shall mount up with wings like eagles! (Is 40:31)

Lord, We are here for you. Send us out of our nests!  Open the eyes of our heart that we may know the full revelation of the hope to which you are calling us.  May we live by faith, trusting you regardless of what rises against us.  If you are for us, who can be against us? Thank you that your divine power is in us and has given us everything we need to live an extravagant life reflecting and revealing God’s very nature and character to the world around us! (2 Pet 1:3)


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We love you!
Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family

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