Winter Shelter Network

A Douglas County Faith-Based Initiative.






The Winter Shelter Network is a network of churches in the Douglas County area that serve the homeless by providing a temporary shelter for those in need to receive REST, MEALS, and CONNECTION during the winter months.

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In early 2015, a number of local churches met to discuss growing needs in our community. One, often hidden, issue that was presented was homelessness. Specifically , the group focused on the growing number of families that were experiencing homelessness. Approximately 69% of those families were led by single mothers. It was determined that Douglas County “lacks a coordinated system of care for residents experiencing homelessness; especially during the winter months.” A group of churches began looking at solutions to the issue of homelessness. Along with the partnership with county agencies, the Winter Shelter Network (WSN) was formed. The goal of the WSN is to serve “the homeless of Douglas County by providing a temporary, safe shelter to receive REST, MEALS, and CONNECTION during the winter months.”


The Winter Shelter Network is a group of churches in Douglas County who are partnering together to help residents who are experiencing homelessness. The WSN is led by a Council made up of representatives from partner churches and community agencies. The Council meets regularily to design and implement the program. SECOR acts as the fiscal agent for the Winter Shelter Network. The day-to-day organization of the program is conducted by a part-time Administrator, Erin White. Erin has several years of experience working with people experiening homelessness while serving as the Executive Director of Family Promise of NewRock in Conyers, Georgia.