Through Christ centered counseling methods we believe you can become whole

Pastoral Counseling

The Pastoral Counseling Team here at the Rock wants to help you become healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We all have issues, but if doesn’t mean we have to keep them.
Through Christ centered counseling methods we believe you can become whole. 

For counseling needs, email Pastor JR (jr@therock.org) or leave a message at 303-688-0777 ext.214

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Professional Counseling at The Rock by King’s Heart Ministries

Dr. Hector has a Master’s degree in counseling and Ph.D. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. She has traveled extensively here and abroad, counseling, training and equipping others since 1987. Holly Hector, PhD is a Licensed Counselor with the National Christian Counselors Association whose offices are located on site here at The Rock.  She provides a wide range of Christian Counseling services.

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Theophostic Prayer

Do you feel bound by unhealthy emotional or behavioral patterns? Theophostic Prayer Ministry is an effective tool for discovering the lies we believe in our hearts that are responsible for these frustrating patterns in our lives. Once these lies are identified, we invite the Lord to come and replace them with His truth, and the result is transformation and freedom.

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