“Permission Granted!”

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Dear Rock Family,

A few days ago, I heard the Lord say to The Rock, “Permission Granted!”  As we come into obedience to the commands of Jesus…as we seek His ways and then walk in them…as we grow in intimacy with Jesus and meditate on His words, we become fruitful disciples for the glory of the Father!  (Jn 15:8)  And this fruitfulness positions us into an alignment with Jesus that gives us authority to bring Heaven to earth and to supernaturally accomplish the will of God and see His kingdom come.  This alignment requires an understanding of His Ways and a humility to walk in them.  In this alignment our Heavenly Father will give us whatever we ask because we have positioned ourselves in complete submission and surrender to do the will of God through the power of the Holy Spirit!  (Jn 14:14; Jn 15:16; Jn 16:23)

The Holy Spirit is also teaching us how to pray from a greater place of Spiritual awareness and this is helping to bring us into kingdom alignment.  We need to know His ways before we can walk in them.  Prayer aligns our heart with the heart of Jesus.  When Jesus says “ask for anything and I will do it” in the Scriptures, it always includes “in my name.”  This “in my name” alignment begins in prayer and is walked out with action – an active faith empowered by the Holy Spirit!  As we have come into this alignment, I believe the Lord is giving us permission to ASK of Him.  I feel the excitement of the Lord and that He is ready to say “YES!” because He is saying “YES” to His own desires.

When a pilot wants to land at an airport, they are required to gain certain information from a system called ATIS.  This system tells them about the winds, temperature, altimeter, runways in use and other time sensitive information necessary for landing.  This brings the pilot into an alignment with the conditions of the airport.  It is only once this information is obtained (a coming into alignment) that permission will be granted by tower for a pilot to land.  I believe the Lord is confirming we have Information ATIS.  We have aligned with heaven and we have sought His heart and He is ready to respond with “Permission Granted”!

I want to end this note by sharing a portion of a prophetic word given at The Rock for the Colorado region by Graham Cooke in 2012.  I believe the Lord is saying that this is a NOW word because the alignment (ATIS) is in place.   

“Behold I have come to fulfill the dreams that I have placed in your heart.  I have measured you for a blessing and now is the time to open the rivers from the heights of heaven and pour out my Spirit on all peoples in this place.  The water level is rising in this house and throughout this region.  I have promised many things to myself in this region and in this city.  My beloved will know my presence.  My beloved will feel a weight of blessing like a wave of water being poured out on the parched earth…The water level is rising and my passion is rising with it.  I will build my throne in this place.  I will make this my home.  I will smile over you, sing over you, say YES to all longings I have placed within you.  I give you permission to ask of me.  I AM is with you and PERMISSION IS GRANTED!  I am saying YES to your families, to your anointing, to your upgrade, to your children, to your prodigals, to your inheritance, to your marriage, to your promotion, to your finances, to your blessing, to your fulfillment of dreams.  I give you permission to be bold, to ask of me, and to cry out for the waste places.  When I answer you, it is because I am saying “Yes” to my own desires and passions.  Heaven has come down and great joy is being released.  This shall be like the day of Israel’s release from captivity…This shall be a day like the rebuilding of the Temple where the presence of God was released and no one could stand.  This will be a day like Pentecost where there was a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire and there was awe and wonder and astonishment.  I am taking the roof off…”

Lord Jesus, I thank you for aligning our hearts with yours as we humbly position our hearts in surrender to you.  May your Kingdom come and may your will be done!   Let heaven invade Colorado! 

We love you!
Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family





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