Walking in Sonship

Hello Rock Family,
It has been an amazing week in Pakistan with Papa Leif Hetland.  I have seen the favor of the Lord as relationships have been established and strengthened with very influential leaders of different “mountains” within this nation.  Specifically in the areas of Government, Education, Religion, Family, Business, and Media.  We also had the opportunity to minister for two days to more than 700 Christian pastors and leaders in this region and saw great impact!  I believe God is calling us into some exciting and adventurous times where new things are starting and things that have begun are now moving at an accelerating pace.  It is similar to the feeling you get when you reach the top of the incline of the older wooden-structured roller coasters.  At first everything goes so slowly as you work your way up to the very top, but as you crest the top, your stomach begin to lift up into your throat as you very quickly go from a slow-motion ride into hyper-speed!  It feels like we are just cresting the top and quickly gaining speed!I was able to watch last Sunday’s service on-line while in Pakistan and was a little jealous of what was happening there while I was gone.  But I love that we (The Rock Family) didn’t skip a beat while I was gone.  The worship team, Marcus, Kristi and all of you did an amazing job following the leading of the Spirit.  Territory was taken last Sunday in the supernatural realm!  If you missed the service, I would encourage you to watch it.  Sunday 04.18.21 – YouTube

I love that the Lord has us in a specific time of understanding Sonship at a deeper level.  I believe this is critical right now for the body of Christ as we are led into “battle”.  The battle for lives.  “Now is the time of Gods favor, now is the day of salvation!” (2 Cor 6:2)  I realize that we (including myself) still lack in our understanding of who we are in Christ, who God has put inside us, and the Spirit of power/love/wisdom (2 Tim 1:7) we are to operate in moment by moment!  I say this lovingly, not condemningly…although we have made great strides in our understanding and activation (actions), we are still not living our lives in the same way Jesus lived on this earth.   And John 2:6 says, “This is how we know we are in Him.  Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.”  So let’s pursue this righteousness and the kingdom!   In Matt 6:33, Jesus tells us specifically to only pursue the kingdom and righteousness!   And it will be through reverent submission as sons and daughters and also clothed in humility that we will attain the sonship God has for us and fully engage in the life God created us for!  I pray that we are filled with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding revealed to us by the Spirit. (Col 1:9)

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May we walk in the light of Jesus through the Holy Spirit and be strengthened in our relationships as family!  (John 1:7)
I love you and look forward to seeing you this Sunday!
Pastors Mike

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