The Rock Weekly – August 23, 2023

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  • Sat, Sept 2 – Castle Rock Day of Prayer – 9-11am at Festival Park in partnership with churches throughout Douglas County. 

Jesus Is My Plan A. I’m Dumping Plan B.

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68

I find it interesting and a little comforting that even after the Twelve disciples had been with Jesus for 3 years, they were still missing it at times.  And yet at other times, they would hit the home run!  I think of Matthew 16 when Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?” and Peter (who was usually the one to put his foot in his mouth) received the pitch and knocked the ball right out of the park when he responded, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  That was a revelation right from the Father!

And then again in John 6, when Jesus gave a stunning message that did not make it into the ‘top 10 church-growth’ messages, He declared that people would have eternal life if they ate His body and drank His blood. Right after that, many took offense to these words and no longer followed Jesus.  Then Jesus turned to His Twelve disciples and asked them, “Do you want to leave too?”  In all fairness, they likely considered leaving, but Peter spoke up and again with a home run response he said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” (Jn 6:68-69)

I do believe the Twelve were asking that very question to themselves…to whom can we go?  John the Baptist was no longer alive and they had left everything they had to follow Jesus.  They really didn’t have any other feasible options.  I believe the Lord wants to take us on a journey as we follow the Holy Spirit to let go of our ‘Plan B’ and possibly our ‘Plan C’ and maybe even ‘D’…for those who really like to have backup plans in place.  😊  He is looking for us to go ALL IN with Him!  

And although this might seem to be a little painful, I don’t believe the Lord is looking for us to fall flat on our face as we let go of all our backup plans. But just the opposite.  His desire is to do “immeasurably more than what we could ask or imagine, according to HIS power at work within us.” (Eph 3:20)  But this requires that we become fully rooted and grounded in His love through uninhibited obedience to Him. It can’t be lip service that we love Him and will follow Him, but faith followed by action to His ways and commands.  And it is in that place that His supernatural power can work uninhibited – as we no longer function with backup plans and unbelief.  I am asking the Lord to give us all the understanding of the Spirit that takes us beyond our ways and into His ways and joyful mindset of John the Baptist when he said, “That joy (the full joy of hearing the bridegroom’s voice) is mine, and it is now complete. He (Jesus the bridegroom) must become greater, and I must become less.” (Jn 3:30)

Lord, May our lives become SO dependent on Jesus and His Word through the Spirit that when others become offended by Christ, leave the faith, become distracted or enticed by worldly things, etc… that our response becomes, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe you and we know you are the Holy One of God.”   I pray that we would devote our time, our talents, our treasures, our thoughts, our energy, our desires, and our lives to the Holy One, the only One who gives life…and life eternal!  JESUS, become the very center of our lives!  May everything in our lives flow out of our life with You.  We acknowledge you as our King, we surrender all our plans to you, and we give and devote our lives to you from this day forward.  Amen.

May the Joy of the Lord be upon you as you walk in step and full surrender to the Spirit!

Love you all,
Pastor Mike and your Rock Staff



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