The Rock Weekly – October 19, 2022

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Faith Expressing Itself Through Love

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Gal 5:6b

There are so many amazing things the Lord has for us to study in the Scriptures and understand by the Holy Spirit revealing truth to us in all this.  But if we are to boil it all down, it comes down to this:  We must have our faith fully in Jesus Christ as the Son of God AND this must be expressed by His love running in and through us as we are empowered by His Spirit to love with action.  For faith without the works of active love is dead and meaningless!     

“…if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.” 1Co 13:2

“…Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action (love), is dead.”  James 2:17

I know it is sometimes taught in church settings that we just need to put our faith in Jesus and then we can live our lives isolated from the world and await His return.  But that is not what the Bible teaches us. Jesus commands us over and over that we must love one another to the point of laying down our lives like He did.  This isn’t secondary to our faith in Jesus…this love for others is of the utmost importance to Jesus!  This expression of love IS following Jesus!  This is so important that Jesus and John make it clear Biblically that it is by loving others (the way Jesus loved us) that we are able to remain in the love of Jesus. (Jn 15:10,12 & 1 Jn 3:23,24)  And this is the amazing part that follows… When we have our faith in Jesus and live out His commands of loving others with His love, He promises to live in us, never forsake us, empower us to be world overcomers, give us His Spirit to lead us, give us all wisdom and understanding, give us anything we ask in His name, and much more!  He is not an angry God or one waiting to punish us.  He is one who desires to lavish His love and grace on us as He lives in and through us, but it does come at a cost….our life for His.  This is Faith expressing itself through Love! 

Two weeks ago I wrote an email on First Love into First Works.  I believe our First Love is an intimate Faith in Jesus and that our First Works is an uninhibited Love for others.   Jesus warns His church in Revelation 2:2-7 to repent (turn from our current direction and go His way) and return to the First Love and First Works…Faith expressing itself through Love!  For those who heed and respond to this warning, Jesus will give the right to eat from the tree of life.  I’m in for that!

God, we continue to thank you for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are our spiritual family. May our faith continue to grow marvelously beyond measure and we ask that the selfless love we share for one another would be ever increasing and overflowing. May we be an example of unwavering faith that results in abounding love!  (taken from 1 Thes 1:3-4 TPT) 


May we love well!  I love you!
Pastor Mike and your Rock Staff





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