The Rock Weekly – August 16, 2023

  • Tonight – Prayer & Worship – 7pm in the Chapel.  Growing in the Word – 6pm in the Prayer Room.
  • Tomorrow night (Aug 17th) at 7pm – The Rock has been given a free Movie Screening at AMC Theater in Castle Rock for Ordinary Angels (same producers as Jesus Revolution). And as of yesterday we have been given a larger theater, so we have 140 additional seats!  So invite others and come! To reserve tickets CLICK HERE.  Password is ANGELS.
  • Saturday, Sept 2 – Castle Rock Day of Prayer – Mark your calendars! 9-11am at Festival Park.

Equipped For Every Good Work

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”  2 Timothy 3:16-17 ESV

What a wonderful encouragement we received on Sunday to set are eyes on Jesus through meditation and prayer in the Word of God. As Pastor Mike was preaching, this beautiful famous passage came to mind. I remember memorizing this verse as a teenager, and its encouragement is still as powerful for me today as the first season I was pondering it. All Scripture was carefully crafted by the Holy Spirit through His prophetic servants for us and it proves very profitable in our lives as we take time to think about it, pray it, and apply it to our lives…daily. Here Paul reminds Timothy to respond to the Scriptures in four ways

First, he says “teach” from them. Not many of us will do much preaching from platforms in our lives, but we should still have a vision to be a person of the Word and one who will share what the Holy Spirit shows us in the Word to others. 

Secondly, Scripture brings “reproof”, or in more modern language, it shows us where we are wrong. I loved what Pastor Mike said on Sunday. “If the Word isn’t pricking you a little bit, then your heart might not be alive before God”.  I am often made aware of wrong motives and desires that are in me as I spend time with Jesus and meditate on His Word. As the Holy Spirit highlights wrong things in my life, I quietly repent as I ask Him to change me into the image of Jesus. Also, as we “take the log out of our own eye”, we can better discern some things that might be wrong in our friends, co-workers, and children’s lives and then, in gentleness and patience, we can address the things that do not please the Lord, but we can’t stop there…

Thirdly, we are called to “correct”. I like to think of this as turning away from those wrong things and pursuing the righteous things that we are called to pursue in Christ. This is repentance, which means to “turn around”.  It is a reorientation of the heart and mind. And in doing so, it also helps those around us turn from their sin and pursue Jesus. We do this by not just pointing out the bad in their lives, but by revealing to them the promises and the benefits of walking worthy of Jesus as revealed in the Word. 

Lastly, we are called to “train in righteousness”. Meaning, we faithfully pursue our own discipleship as we help disciple others. My son plays competitive soccer and the coach is constantly on the field with the team training them to be better soccer players. This is a good example of how we train others. Week in and week out, we continue to stand alongside them and encourage them in their pursuit of Jesus as we faithfully pursue Him. This process of discipleship produces Godly men and women who are not stagnant in their faith, but actively engaging in the good works that God has prepared them for. 

Lord Jesus, Would you empower us through your grace to meditate on your Word day and night. From this place of communion with You, help us to teach, reproof, correct, and train from a place of Spiritual revelation. We want Your Word to grow us personally and we commit to help others around us grow in You. 

Pastor Marcus and your Rock Staff



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