Rock Weekly Update – 08/25/21

“Enduring Faith”


Dear Rock Family,

  • Jake Hamilton will be leading worship THIS SUNDAY!  We are excited to have him with us again.
  • This is the 4th Saturday of the month!  Join our volunteer team this Saturday from 12-4pm as they go up to Denver to share the love of Jesus and help feed and care for those in great need.  Families with kids are encouraged to join.  Email with questions.


On Tuesday morning, 8/17, in our staff meeting as we were worshiping, the Lord gave me this encouragement and I want to share it with you:


The undercurrent (undertow) of the first wave has begun.  The intercession and prayer – the hungry hearts – the thirst of a deer panting for water – the level of desperation the Lord requires is coming forth from the bride. The Lord is bringing a Hunger and Thirst to His people so that the refreshing He pours out will awaken His church to arise in this very time for the purposes of the Spirit.  Awaken church!  Now is your moment in time. I am raising you up. I am equipping you. I am putting my grace and glory on you.  This is all for my glory! This is what I desire to do right now. So, align with me.  Not with your ways, but only with mine.  Lock your eyes on me and do not waiver in the coming storm and when the shakings begin again. My hand is on you, my Spirit is in you, and my light shines through you.  So open the eyes of your heart to me. May it be with wholehearted devotion to me. 

For I am going to write on your hearts. I am about to kiss my bride and awaken her…my sleeping beauty.

Are you ready? I have spoken and now you will see.  You will see with new eyesight and my beauty will astound you!  My glory will overwhelm you! My love will captivate you!  As you look into my eyes, I will pour into you my bride. My beloved. My children. I am about to sweep you off your feet – into the deep – beyond your control and your understanding. Stay close to me. Hold my hand.

YOU ARE READY! When you feel weak, I will be your strength. I will be the strong tower of your life – your refuge in time of need. Abide in my words. They will sustain you. I will never leave you. I love you my child. My love for you is endless!   


You might see a little of the engineering side of me here.  I did a little research on this undertow the Lord was showing me and I believe this undertow directly relates to the first wave – an outpouring of the Spirit that is coming in a greater measure than ever before.  I preemptively want to say that I don’t know God’s timing, but I am confident that a wave is coming and based on the signs of the times and what others are sensing, that it is coming soon.  And when a wave comes, it is preceded by an undercurrent.  I believe this undercurrent is going to be another shaking of a greater proportion that will undermine and shake our foundation if it is not firmly established on Jesus.


Undertow is defined as “a return flow compensating for the upcoming onshore-directed average transport of water by the waves in the zone above the wave troughs.”  In other words, as a wave approaches the shore, there is an undertow or under-current created that moves water offshore in proportion to the size and velocity of the approaching wave.  It typically occurs below the surface and is very powerful and will often remove sediment and can create erosion to the ground below the surface.


Last Sunday, Pastor Marcus talked about “enduring faith”.  In an ‘undertow’ or when trials come, we will need a strength and endurance to stand strong even when we can’t see, explain, or understand what is happening.   1 Cor 10:12 says “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall.”  When the waters are calm, it is easy to stand firm and have faith in God and His words, but when the storms (trials) come, we quickly find out how enduring our faith is…whether we have deep roots that will keep us from wavering.  The Word of God tells us that “We must believe and not doubt, because those who doubt are like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.  They should not expect to receive anything from the Lord for they are double-minded, unstable in all they do.”  (James 1:6-8)

It isn’t the ‘amount’ of faith you have that is important, but the strength of our faith does matter.  This is the enduring faith!  If faith does not endure, doubt will come in and the storms will begin to overtake us.  “But the blessings of the Lord come to those who persevere and endure in the trials.  If we stand firm in the testing of their faith, we who love the Lord will receive the crown of life that God has promised!” (James 1:12)


What I love about our God is that in the midst of these undercurrents and storms, He tells us that He is faithful and will not let the undercurrent or storms be greater than what we can handle.  He will direct our way by His Spirit so that by His grace we can stand firm in His strength!  (1 Cor 10:13)  And we are to do this united together as the body of Christ…never alone!   The power of unity in the Spirit is not linear but exponential!  1 + 1 = 10!!






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We love you!

Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family