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UPDATED: 3/27/20 at 5:05pm


Hi Rock Family,
Things seem to be ever-changing right now due to our economy and COVID-19.  Let’s continue to reach out and be a light and help to our church family and the surrounding community.  We will do our best to keep you informed on changes that affect our church family, so please read these emails carefully as they will have important information about changes to The Rock.

These are exciting times.  Remember, don’t let fear into your thoughts!  It will paralyze you from your calling in this season.  You are created by the Lord and empowered by the Spirit for such a time as this!  I encourage you to engage in the Word, in Worship, and in messages that speak the Word of God…not those using human wisdom to interpret the present times!


Fervent Prayer 6-8pm TONIGHT (3/27/20)
We are moving Fervent Prayer to an online format through Google Hangouts and adjusting the time to 6-8pm. Join by Video or by Phone.  You can email Pastor Rae at or visit our fervent webpage for more information.

Join Hangouts Meet

+1 720-439-7024
PIN: ‪293 519 981#


Join us to watch or listen.  Everyone will have the opportunity to pray. It is so important that we keep ourselves strengthened in the Lord through prayer, and intercede for others to encounter God in these unprecedented times. Prayer is the KEY to unlocking the doors of breakthrough in this season!


SATURDAY Morning Drive-Up Food Bank  9am-12pm

If you are in need of food during this time, please come!  Appointments are not necessary.  Just drive up to the main entrance between 9am and 12pm this Saturday morning.  Please let those in need know about this!

If you would like to donate, we are receiving gift cards and groceries.  Gift cards can also be dropped off anytime by putting them in the outdoor mailbox by the office doors.


SUNDAY MORNING Pre-Service Prayer

As of today, we are still limited to having no more than 10 congregants for our gatherings and in services.  So we will have our Pre-Service Prayer from 8:15-9:15am ON-LINE only – using Google Hangouts.  You can now join by Video or by Phone.  I apologize for the complications with last Sunday morning’s pre-service call.  We are hoping all the kinks are now worked out!

Join Hangouts Meet

+1 508-835-8180
PIN: ‪423 214 721#



This is going to be a special service in partnership with another church!  I am very excited and believe we are going to experience the Spirit in an amazing way – in the sanctuary and in our own homes!

Similar to pre-service, we are still limited to having no more than 10 congregants for our gatherings and in services.  So we are holding to the same on-line ONLY format as last Sunday – having a maximum of10 people in the sanctuary and holding to the social distancing requirements.

Sunday Morning Service LIVESTREAM
Through our website:
Facebook Live:

If you have children, our Children’s Ministry weekend service lessons for preschool and 1st-4th grade for will be available on-line in a recorded format.  Go to our Children’s Ministry webpage:


COVID-19 developments have reduced our church tithes over the past few weeks and we are taking appropriate steps as your church staff to minimize costs and offset the deficit.   At the same time we have seen an increase in needs, both in The Rock body and outside it and are making every effort to meet the needs in our church and in our community.  If you have been blessed during this time and are able to give, we would truly appreciate your help.

You can give on-line at the following link:

*And we have now set up the ability to give directly into a COVID-19 Relief Fund that will help with needs of those impacted by the virus.  Just go to the link above and click on Fund and then click on COVID-19 Relief Fund.

May you be filled with the knowledge of God’s will and may His hope, peace and love be your strong tower and refuge!

We love you,
Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family






Updated: 3/20/20 at 12:10pm


Hi Rock Family,
We are writing to give you the latest update on changes due to COVID-19.


First off, I want to remind myself and all of you WHO WE ARE and what we are here for:
We are God’s chosen people, his treasured possession!
We are a priesthood of kings and a kingdom of priests!
We are a nation of God’s people, united as one through the Spirit!
We are set apart from this world as devoted ones, so the corruption of the world does not overcome us, but that we would be world overcomers…world changers!
We are consecrated into our divine nature by abiding and dwelling in the Lord’s divine power!
We are worshippers of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords by the glory and goodness of God!
We are lovers of God and therefore lovers of others.  Not lovers of this world.
We are, at ALL times, to make every effort to walk in increasing faith, goodness, knowledge (of God), self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and LOVE!
SO THAT we may have Kingdom eyesight and declare the praises of the Lord Jesus Christ – who has called us out of the darkness, fear, and death of this world and into His marvelous and majestic light.  And with this light, that we would then worship and praise Him and broadcast His glorious wonders throughout the world.  To Jesus Christ be all the power and the glory forever throughout all ages and time!  Amen.


OK – so here is the update:  Unfortunately, our worship services will not be the same for an unforeseen amount of time.  Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has issued a “Public Health Order” implementing emergency measures to limit mass gatherings to no more than 10 people for at least the next 30 days.

This means we are moving our 9:45 am Sunday Worship Service and 6:45 pm Wednesday Night Service to on-line ONLY format and we will not be able to allow people into the sanctuary during these services.  I am so sorry about this!  We will also be moving our Pre-Service Prayer on Sundays to a conference call from 8:15-9:15 am.

Sunday Pre-Service Prayer at 8:15am (conference call)
Dial-in number: (605) 313-6310
Access code: 111787#

Worship Services – Sunday at 9:45 am & Wednesday at  6:45 pm (live-stream only)
Through our website:
Facebook Live:

If you have children, our Children’s Ministry weekend service will be available on-line in a recorded format.  Go to our Children’s Ministry webpage:   We will have a lesson for preschool age children and a lesson for 1st – 4th graders.  These will be uploaded weekly before the Sunday service.


Also, we have heard some rumors of a possible mandatory order to stay at home – similar to what was just ordered in California. That being said, as a precaution, we would recommend having at least two weeks of food and supplies before Monday.   We are not to operate in a spirit of fear, but we should be prepared.

As a side note:  A great resource for your family during this time is Right Now Media. As part of our Rock family, you can have FREE access through The Rock by registering with the following link:

One more thing:  I want to remind everyone that we are still doing 15 minute prayer calls at 6 am every Monday-Friday.  The instructions for this call are now the same as for Pre-Service Prayer on Sunday at 8:15 am.  *To join dial: (605) 313-6310 and then dial the Access Code:  111787 and press #.  And please note that if you are a T-Mobile user, you may need to first dial (425)535-9113 as a work-around to eliminate charges to your phone.


May you overflow with hope, peace, and love by the power of the Holy Spirit!

We love you,
Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family