The Rock Weekly – 12/8/21

Abundant Life Comes In The Surrender

I believe our ability to live an abundant and fulfilled life is directly related to the level we surrender to Jesus.  Last Sunday Marcus shared the story about the Prodigal Son who tried to live life his own way and then finally surrendered his ways and returned to his father (Luke 15:11-32).  This son thought that if he took control of his own life by taking his inheritance and going his own way, it would be a much better life. Sadly, this is a true story for many people today.  This son had to go all the way to the bottom – to living with pigs and eating their food – to finally come to his senses and realize that it would be better to live as a servant to his father…to surrender to the father’s ways.

Although we tend to focus more on the younger son’s wayward ways and the beautiful reconciliation to a loving father that comes from repentance and surrender, Jesus used the older son to identify the heart condition of the Pharisees and teachers of the law (which could be those in the church).  The younger son humbled himself and was restored into sonship, but sadly the older son remained “lost”.  The older son never humbled himself and that position of his heart (pride) kept him as a slave to his father.  The older son never knew the heart of his father or learned the father’s ways!  He even told his father that he was “slaving for him and never disobeyed his orders” and he couldn’t believe the way his father was acting towards his repentant younger brother.  The older son never had the opportunity to experience the RADICAL LOVE of his father because of his pride and unwillingness to surrender to the father’s ways.

Sadly in the “church” today, many are not submitting to the Father’s ways, but instead making decisions in life based on what they think or believe is best.  Finances, comfort, status, or fear often take precedence over the leading of the Holy Spirit. Initially this might seem to work, but when decisions in life continue to be measured by our own ways (finances/comfort/status/fear), we will eventually come to a dead-end.  An abundant life is only in Christ, which means we must humble ourselves and submit our ways and allow Jesus to have His way in our life.  This is a life surrendered that leads to abundant life!

Lord – We pray that we would always look to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we live our lives.  Teach us your ways.  May we be humble, contrite in spirit, and always be in awe at the word of the Lord (Isaiah 66:2).  May we never choose our own way.  We thank you Jesus that you are teaching us by your Spirit to fully yield and surrender as we step out in faith – going against our own reasoning and understanding.  Lead us into the deep waters of your presence where there is fullness of joy and strengthen us by your Spirit for the days ahead.  May we live for your glory and not ours.  In Jesus name.  Amen.    

We love you!
Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family





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