Ride Together is a partnership between the faith-based community, LYFT and Douglas County.  

To arrange a ride, call (303)814-4300

How it Works:

  • A Volunteer Driver signs up for Ride Together through Lyft.
  • After completing the on boarding process, the volunteer driver launches the app and waits for a ping.
  • You’ll be pinged when someone needs a ride.
  • Using your own vehicle you (a volunteer driver) can drive people to their destination.
  • All the money is handled through the app.

Note: The Ride Together program doesn’t directly connect volunteer drivers with those needing a subsidized ride. Instead; for convenience, efficiency, and anonymity; volunteer drivers will be connected with regular and discounted passengers without distinction. The benefit of driving regular paying passengers is that the full amount of that fare will be deposited in the Ride Together fund to help subsidize future rides for those in need. So even if your available driving time doesn’t line up with the exact time that an eligible person needs a ride, you’re still making their affordable transportation possible.

Providing Hope Through Volunteer Transportation

Volunteer Driver On-Boarding Events:


If you aren’t able to drive, but would still like to contribute, you can give a tax-deductible donation.

Be a driver, use your reliable vehicle and free time to help those in need by volunteering for the Ride Together Program.