Whether you are a pre-married, married, or remarried couple; we are here to help you create a thriving marriage that lasts a lifetime.


The vision of The Rock Marriage Ministry is to build and strengthen every marriage and family into the vibrant, passionate, one-minded relationship that God intended a marriage to be. We know that God ordained the beautiful covenant of marriage, and we know our adversary, the devil, is out to destroy every priceless thing that our loving God has made. The Rock staff places a very high value on helping you achieve God’s design of a healthy, life-giving, intimate marriage that models God’s passionate love for His church.

“Therefore if you have any encouragement from being untied with Christ,
if any comfort from His love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any
tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-
minded, having the same live, being one in 
spirit and of one mind.”
 Phillipians 2:1-2

The Apostle Paul spoke those words to the church in Philippi, addressing some strife and discord in the church. Yet, those words “by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind”  portrays a wonderful image of a loving, united, fulfilling marriage!

Upcoming Events:

Build Your Marriage Conference 2019

Marriage is a choice, a decision, an act of the will. It is about love, grace and a future of strength and hope as well as romance, connection, love and respect.  Build Your Marriage with solid Biblical teaching, humor and warmth.

You will not want to miss our special guests and dynamic speakers Brad and Heidi Mitchell as they teach on topics such as: the 5 ways to protect your marriage and re-building your marriage!

Ignite hope and build lasting transformation in your marriage!

Dates: Friday September 13th  6:00pm-9:15pm & Saturday September 14th  8:30am-12:00pm
Cost: $75 per couple (non-refunadable)
Where: The Rock Church
KidZone is available for $25 per family (space is limited).

Pre-Marital Counseling


Everyone plans a wedding, but so few plan for a love-filled relationship.  Preparation can help you have a marriage that others envy.
If you plan to be married by one of the pastors at The Rock, you will be required to participate in a premarital counseling program. Couples who are being married by a Rock pastor and who elect to use another premarital counseling program should have their counselor submit a letter indicating the counseling program has been completed.
The Rock pastors reserve the right to refuse to marry a couple if he or she deems the couple is not ready for marriage or has serious concerns about the marriage.

Wedding Ceremonies

Congratulations on your engagement! We look forward to helping you make your wedding a happy and memorable experience. If you would like to set up a tour of the church or check the availability of a date, or for fee information, please contact Mary Welter at 303-688-6493 or mlwelter@live.com

The main church sanctuary is normally available for weddings on Saturday , as well as Friday evenings and Sunday afternoon and evening.

The Chapel is also available for very small weddings. It is a classroom with a small stage & sound system and can seat up to 40 people.

Pastors are available for off-site weddings.

Marriage Counseling


We are here to help fine-tune, rebuild, and strengthen your marriage and family.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is a proactive way for you to continuously work on your marriage by connecting with other couples who have a healthy marriage, and to learn how they keep it that way.

We have seasoned married couples who are available to be a mentor to you and your spouse.

We are here to help fine-tune, rebuild, and strengthen your marriage and family.