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Humble & Hungry

Pastor Andrew teaches how a lifestyle of fasting can be used to help bring humility as we re-focus our attention on God

Humble & Hungry2020-09-24T14:13:43-06:00

“King Jesus”

Pastor Andrew shares on the importance of establishing Jesus as king of our lives, and some of the ways we can recognize

“King Jesus”2020-09-24T14:13:44-06:00

God Will Build It

Pastor Andrew Nemeth shares from his heart as we look at the topic of trusting God. Proverbs 3 and Psalms 127 teach

God Will Build It2020-09-24T14:13:44-06:00

When Your Promise Looks Like A Problem

Pastor Andrew walks us through a few Biblical narratives to illustrate how often the promise that God gives us can be interpreted

When Your Promise Looks Like A Problem2020-09-24T14:13:44-06:00

Obedience & Promises

Pastor Andrew continues our recent series as we look at the book of Joshua. In this message we see that our obedience

Obedience & Promises2020-09-24T14:13:44-06:00

Worship As a Weapon

Pastor Andrew Nemeth teaches from 2 Kings 18 & 19 (with reference to 2 Kings 5) about power of worship as a

Worship As a Weapon2020-09-24T14:13:44-06:00

Righteousness & Superheroes

Pastor Andrew shares a new way of thinking about the contrast between our Righteous Position and our Righteous Living; and how we

Righteousness & Superheroes2020-09-24T14:13:44-06:00

Raising a Spiritual Family

Pastor Andrew teaches from Romans 12:2 about how we can allow God to transform us by changing the way we think; and

Raising a Spiritual Family2020-09-24T14:13:45-06:00
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