Sunday 02.20.22 – Andrew Nemeth

February 20th, 2022|Andrew Nemeth|Comments Off on Sunday 02.20.22 – Andrew Nemeth

Join us for a worshipful service full of praise, prayer, and repentance. Pastor Andrew Nemeth teaches on preparing the house of our heart for the Lord and three ways we can do so.

Sunday 01.30.22 – Mike Polhemus

January 30th, 2022|Guest Speaker|Comments Off on Sunday 01.30.22 – Mike Polhemus

The worship team leads us in a wonderful time of worship that was marked by a "pouring out" of our own alabaster jar.  During the sermon, Pastor Mike encourages the body with some important truths

Sunday 01.16.21 – Awake Oh Sleeper

January 16th, 2022|Marcus Meier|Comments Off on Sunday 01.16.21 – Awake Oh Sleeper

During a wonderful service with extended worship and ministry moments Pastor Marcus teaches from Ephesians 5 about believers carrying the light of Christ and awakening sleepers.

Sunday 01.02.22 – Mike & Kristi

January 2nd, 2022|Kristi Polhemus, Mike Polhemus|Comments Off on Sunday 01.02.22 – Mike & Kristi

Pastors Mike & Kristi Polhemus share what the Lord has put on their hearts for our congregation this year. There's also a special ministry moment where we are "knighted" by the Lord.

Sunday 12.19.21 – Reaching For More

December 19th, 2021|Andrew Nemeth|Comments Off on Sunday 12.19.21 – Reaching For More

This Sunday service was marked with Baptisms, Prayers for the Next Generation, Declarations of Freedom, and an Encouragement to Reach for More.

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