Hello Rock Family,
Each and EVERY one of us has been created, designed, made, shaped, and fashioned uniquely for such a time as this!   God has created each one of us for greatness.  But remember that our greatness is only through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit!  Apart from Him, we have nothing.  He is the one who is great within us.  God is our Creator and it is clearly evident from Scripture that He did not create us to live and function using just our own minds.  The Bible calls that Pride! …a very dangerous place to be!   We are created to walk in lock-step with our Creator – through the Holy Spirit – given to us through faith in Christ for our time on earth.  For such a time as this!  It is through radical surrender, submission and the action of FAITH in Jesus that we become empowered to walk into the full and amazing purpose of our lives on this earth.   The problem with “man” is that we often think our own wisdom (absent of the Holy Spirit) is enough to get us through life.  I like to think of Holy Spirit as the oxygen we are given to breathe.  In this sense, God created us for this earth, but if we don’t breathe “oxygen”, it doesn’t matter how strong or gifted or smart we are, we will die!   In the same way, if we don’t trust the Lord and walk in the action of Faith in Him through the Spirit, we will die!

The Word says that “everything that does not come from faith is sin.” (Rom 14:23)  And in Romans 6 God’s Word says that we become a slave to the one we obey – whether we are slaves to sin which leads to death, or slaves to obedience (the will of God) which lead to righteousness and life (the ways of Holy Spirit!)

So I question each of us today – What is our motivation in life and who is leading us?   Ask yourself:  Am I living from the “oxygen” of the Holy Spirit with every breath and every movement, or am I trying to live my life with an occasional supplement of “oxygen”…keeping me at least on life-support.   We are all on a journey and none of us have arrived, but if we are created for THIS VERY TIME, why would we want to live without “oxygen”, when we were created to live empowered by the Holy Spirit…in the same way Jesus lived!   In our short time here, let’s make the most of every opportunity and RADICALLY shift our mindset to follow after Him.  With Radical Faith – Radical Love – Radical Obedience!  Our time is short!  Our time is NOW!   You were created for such a time as this!

Join us Tonight at 6:45pm for our Wednesday Night Service as we continue in a preparation and building season.  We are also feeling the Lord impress upon us to know His holiness and then posture our response to be holy as He is holy.  Alignment is critical in order to build!  I hope you are able to join us as we together continue to awaken our hearts to the Father’s heart!

This Sunday we WILL officially be going out and ministering to people as led by the Spirit.  We will still gather at 9:45am for a time of worship and short exhortation and commission to go and do the very things Jesus commissions us to do.  If you have not yet experienced this, I want to encourage you NOT to miss out this time.  If you would prefer, we can connect you with someone on Sunday who has some experience going out and ministering to help you “break the ice”.  In preparation, begin asking the Lord for divine encounters with the people you meet.

This Sunday Night we will come back together at 6pm in the sanctuary for a time of worship, baptisms, and testimonies.  Our hope is to finish up close to 7:30pm.    

Prayer & Fasting: 10 Days of Awe (Sat, Sept 19 – Mon, Sept 28)  We are planning to join houses of worship in more than 120 cities from all over the world for 10 days of prayer!  Here is a link to the 10-day prayer plan:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zeovbsnkq3ii84p/10Day_PrayerPlan-web.pdf?dl=0

IMPORTANT items for you to know about this week:

(TONIGHT)  WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE  (9/16)  6:45pm  – In-Person & Online
Facebook Live:  https://www.facebook.com/rockchurchco
The Rock Online Livestream:  https://www.therock.org/live/

YOUTH BASE CAMP (6th – 12th Grade) – WEDNESDAY NIGHT (9/16) 7:00pm
We will be gathering tonight in the Student Auditorium.  We are excited to see each of you!  Please contact Pastor Kristi at kristi@therock.org with any questions.

Thursday Evening (9/17) Hot Meals & Saturday Morning (9/19) Food Bank Distribution
Email Lindy@therock.org if you have any questions or want to help out.

SUNDAY MORNING (9/20) PRE-SERVICE PRAYER  8:15-9:15am – *In-Person & On-line*
     ZOOM Video Link:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/499809332
Meeting ID: 499 809 332
     ZOOM Phone Option +1 346-248-7799,,499809332#

SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE (9/20)   9:45am –  *In-Person & On-line*
Facebook Live:  https://www.facebook.com/rockchurchco
The Rock Online Livestream:  https://www.therock.org/live/
Children’s Ministry “live” lessons:  www.therock.org/children

SUNDAY NIGHT SERVICE (9/20)   6:00pm
Facebook Live:  https://www.facebook.com/rockchurchco
The Rock Online Livestream:  https://www.therock.org/live/

May you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
We love you!
Pastors Mike & Kristi and your Rock Staff family

CARE PORTAL – Amazing way to help people in need!
We have an extraordinary opportunity to partner with Douglas County and help people in our community.  Email Sharon at SEaston@TheRock.org or click here to sign up:

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