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What is Sozo Ministry? Sozo is Greek for ‘healed, delivered and made whole.”2017-02-21T16:00:12-07:00

A. Sozo Ministry is the “The Rock’s Version” of Bethel Sozo. We use the same “tools” and similar procedures to identify wounding, bondage, demonization, strongholds, and lies (“demonic devices”) that keep God’s children from walking in the abundance of life Jesus provides for them. This ministry has replaced Breakthrough Ministry at the Rock, although many of the techniques and wisdom gained from Breakthrough Ministry are incorporated into our Sozo ministry.

What kind of ministry can I expect from Sozo?2017-02-21T16:00:21-07:00

A. This ministry is a deliverance and wholeness ministry. This ministry is provided by trained and equipped ministers who are skilled in following the Holy Spirit. This ministry is provided first to any believer in Jesus Christ as Lord who calls The Rock their home church and secondly to those who believe in Jesus as Lord from outside of The Rock. This ministry seeks to facilitate encounters with the Holy Spirit who provides spiritual freedom, wholeness, inner healing and strength to the inner man. You can expect to be treated with love and respect in your Sozo ministry session.

How long does it take to get an appointment? Be patient … it can take weeks.2017-07-11T12:13:07-06:00

A) Our goal is to provide timely ministry. However, we rely upon trained and equipped volunteers to provide this ministry. That means our appointment schedule is flexible and changing. We strive to have a ministry team (minimum of two people) that can meet with you as soon as possible after completing the ministry request form. However, the waiting time may vary from a few days to several weeks. Upon receipt and processing of your completed ministry request form, you will receive an email response containing a link to our online booking website.  You will use this link to select an appointment date/time that will meet your scheduling needs.  If you have trouble with the booking site or cannot find an appointment option that meets your scheduling needs, please email


What can I expect during a ministry appointment?2017-02-21T16:00:48-07:00

A. You can expect to be treated with love and respect regardless of the problem or issue you need help with. You can expect our volunteer team to keep your information confidential. Each team will complete a ministry summary to be reviewed by the Sozo administrator or department pastor. This is done for accountability and to determine training and team development strategies. You can expect that your ministry team will make every effort to facilitate a healing encounter between you and the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to see every child of God who comes to us walk away refreshed, strengthened and rejoicing in the Lord. Each ministry appointment can be unique, depending on the issues to be dealt with. Generally speaking, the ministry team leader will ask questions of you and ask you to pray.

•  You are free to stop the session at any time.
•  You are free to decline to answer any question.
•  The ministry team leader is also free to end the session at any time.

There are several ministry approaches or sometimes called “ministry tools” the team leader may choose to pursue. “Taking thoughts captive” to present them to Jesus is an approach used frequently. This will involve your effort to focus on the thought, pattern of thoughts, frequent theme of thoughts, impressions or perceptions or feelings (emotions) that result in your need for ministry. Other “tools” are the Four Doors, Dealing with Walls, and the Father Ladder. These can be explained by your team leader.You may be asked to renounce lies you have believed, break “agreements with darkness,” or repent of something as the Holy Spirit leads. Other prayers of affirmation, declaration and establishing the authority of Christ in your life may be used. Prayers for cleansing, restoration, and deliverance are commonly used.

How many sessions will I need?2017-02-21T16:01:00-07:00

A. That depends on too many factors beyond our control. Generally speaking, each session will last approximately 1 ½ hours but can vary greatly. A large number of believers find freedom in just one session. A smaller number seem to need two or more sessions to achieve their desired results. Since we cannot control your ability to yield freely to the Holy Spirit, we cannot guarantee results.One thing we can state plainly: Everyone who encounters Jesus walks away changed. The change, whether good or not, depends on your willingness to “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him.” That requires an act of your will and “setting of your heart” to diligently seek Him, to know Him and follow Him. The Lord delights in manifesting Himself to His children and destroying the works of the devil. When you encounter the Living Truth, you will be set free. You may be given post-prayer instructions on how to maintain your freedom and continue your journey to deeper and deeper intimacy with Christ. Sozo does not provide on-going pastoral care.

What kinds of issues are dealt with in The Rock’s Sozo ministry?2017-02-21T16:01:32-07:00

A. Any issue that keeps the believer from enjoying life in the Kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. A partial list of issues includes:

Depression, anxiety, fear, irritation, anger, frustration, self-hatred, self-destructive
thoughts and behaviors (cutting on self, desire to die or commit suicide, etc.,) low
self-esteem, tormenting thoughts, wrong or false identity, confusion,
powerless/trapped feelings, shame, guilt and defilement.

The list goes on and on … CAUTION: If you are taking prescribed medications or over the counter drugs or holistic treatments for any of these issues, please be advised that you should continue taking your medication until you can consult your doctor or health advisor. Certain prescribed medications cannot be stopped “cold turkey” without possible negative and even dangerous side-effects.

What kinds of issues do you not deal with in Sozo ministry?2017-02-21T16:01:39-07:00

A. We do not do alcohol or drug interventions. We do not provide psychological services, therapies or diagnosis. We do not make “house calls.” We do not provide on-going counseling, support groups or response to “emergency” issues. We are not qualified to advise you regarding your prescribed medications, medical therapies and treatments.

How do I become a SOZO team member at The Rock?2017-03-09T11:32:41-07:00

A) Sozo team members are selected from people who complete the minimum required training course, including both members of The Rock and members of other churches. You must be a member of The Rock or your church for at least 12 months before applying to be on a Rock Sozo team. An application form can be obtained from Pastor Rae. If you are not a member at The Rock, you will also need a letter of reference and a letter of approval from your pastor. It is important that your pastor endorses your involvement in this ministry. Volunteers selected for further training and development will serve as an intern on a Rock Sozo team as the 3rd member. All Sozo team members are trained to maintain confidentiality.

What if I don’t like the results of my Rock Sozo session or I want to speak to someone about behavior or conduct of team members?2017-03-09T11:34:25-07:00

A. You may contact the head of The Rock’s Prayer Ministry, Pastor Rae Shuford, with any issue regarding this ministry.

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