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Internship – Fall 2020

The Rock Internship, Fall term 2020, is a 12 week program that exists to help participants pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ, know their identity in Him, and to become more like Christ in every area of their life. We want to send you out into the world equipped, encouraged, and empowered no matter what you feel called to. This term will help interns build their faith muscles and develop deep roots in the Word of God by hosting prayer times, classroom discussions, hands on learning, and outreach opportunities. The Fall 2020 term will focus on topics such as leadership, character, evangelism, outreach, and more.

This program is free to join, but it will cost time, energy, sacrifice, and commitment. We believe that anyone looking to go deeper with God, understand the Bible more clearly, and have the skills they need to walk out their calling would be well served by The Rock Internship.

General Info:
Summer Term: Monday, Aug 10 – Monday, Nov 2
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: 14± Hours Per Week
Admissions: Digital Application

4 Learning Categories:
Classes (Biblical Review, Practical Ministry, etc.)
Electives (Ministry Specific: Media, Worship, etc.)
Shadowing / Mentoring (1-on-1’s, working closer with a specific Pastor)
Service / Outreach (Treasure Hunts, Prayer for others, Cleaning, etc.)

Daily Bible Reading: “3 & 5” (3 chapters a day & 5 on Sunday)
Prayer Journal

Register Now

Registration is open 7/20/20 through 8/5/20
For more information please reach out to

There’s also additional outreach opportunities planned, but they’re a bit sporadic and don’t fit nicely on this schedule.

Class Topics: 

Class 1: Lectures (various)
Class 2: Soul Care with Gordon Lycas
Class 3: Practical Ministry with Andrew Nemeth
Class 4: Offense & Authority with Sylvia Barahona
Class 5: Biblical Review with Marcus Meier
Class 6: Lectures (various)
Outreach: Various (see syllabus)
Elective 1: Media (Graphics & Video)

This is subject to change; but we’re pretty sure about it.