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16Apr, 2017

From Death To Life

This Easter we look at Jesus' journey from Death to Life and how he paved the way for us to do the same.

9Apr, 2017

Palm Sunday

Pastor Jeff sets the stage for next week's Resurrection celebration by showing us what the Father gained by sending His son to die

2Apr, 2017

The Shepherd’s Voice

Learning to recognize God's voice can be challenge, but it is imperative that we tune our ears to hear what He is speaking to us in these times.

26Mar, 2017

Keys to Stability

Pastor Jeff Drott how to go from a "stop, start" relationship with God to one of intimacy and stability.

19Mar, 2017

Guest Speaker | Robby Dawkins

Robby Dawkins is a powerful speaker and a passionate church equipper, he has traveled all around the world empowering people to heal the sick. You're sure to be encouraged by this message.

12Mar, 2017

From Milk to Meat | Who Are You? pt2

In the 11am service Mike shares with us part two of his message "Who Are You"

12Mar, 2017

From Milk to Meat | Who Are You? pt1

Pastor Mike leads us through scripture to show us how to be all that Jesus created us to be

5Mar, 2017

From Milk to Meat | The Journey pt.2

Pastor Jeff confirms to us that the gifts of the Spirit are for today in his continuation of the series "From Milk to Meat"

26Feb, 2017

From Milk to Meat | The Journey

Pastor Jeff Drott shares on the topic of Transformation in our "From Milk to Meat" series.

19Feb, 2017

From Milk to Meat | Kingdom Family

Do you ever feel like theres deeper place to take your faith? In this new series "From Milk to Meat" we explore what it looks like to cultivate spiritual maturity.

12Feb, 2017

Reigning In Life

This week, our good friend Leif Hetland teaches us the the Kingdom of God is all about family.

5Feb, 2017

All In | Love Without Limits

In his first week as Lead Pastor, Pastor Mike teaches us, through examples of Jesus, how we can love without limits.

29Jan, 2017

Transition Celebration

This week we took part in a historic transition for The Rock family as Pastor JR handed off the role of Lead Pastor to his son Mike.

22Jan, 2017

All In | The Way We Think

In this message, Pastor Jeff Drott, helps us to understand how we each have a lens by which we see the world; and that these "filters" often need to be cleaned or adjusted for us to

15Jan, 2017

All In | Prayer, Fasting, & Love

Pastor JR teaches about Prayer & Fasting and the importance and involvement of Love.

8Jan, 2017

All in | Exit Strategy

Pastor Mike exhorts us to value eternal kingdom treasures over corruptible earthly treasures.

1Jan, 2017

Stay Planted

On the first Sunday of the new year, our youth pastor, Zach Spector encourages us to stay planted in the truth of Jesus

24Dec, 2016

Christmas Eve | Light of the World

JR shares with us how we can follow Jesus in becoming a light to our world

18Dec, 2016

Pregnant with a God Idea

This week Paster Jeff teaches us how to take care of the promise of God inside of you

11Dec, 2016

Strength Through the Spirit

Pastor Mike continues the "Greater Impact" series by expressing the importance of having a spiritual prayer language

4Dec, 2016

Is Tongues for Today?

In this week's continuation of the "Greater Impact" series, JR asks whether or not speaking in tongues is still relevant for believers today.

27Nov, 2016

The One Thing

In this message, Pastor Jeff continues the series on "Greater Impact".

20Nov, 2016

Vanquishing the Enemy’s Tactics

This week, JR continues the series Greater Impact featuring excerpts from his new book Life in the Spirit

13Nov, 2016

The Empowering of the Holy Spirit

In this message, Pastor JR shares an excerpt from his new book Life In The Spirit, and teaches about how we can have a Greater Impact through the Empowering of the Holy Spirit.

6Nov, 2016

Created For Greatness

Pastor Mike continues our series on Issues and Inheritances with this look at how we were created and what we can do to walk in our God-given Greatness.

30Oct, 2016

Issues & Inheritances – pt2

Pastor Jeff shares part two of his message, sharing scripture from the book of Galatians.

23Oct, 2016

Christianity & Politics

In this message, Pastor JR tackles the sticky topic of Politics, and shows us what the Bible says is our role, as Christians, in the realm of government.

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